We are delighted to report that the event was a great success.

It would not have been possible without an amazing effort from the committee of the Desborough Dashes Regatta with members from both clubs working closely together over Zoom.

On the day, the clubs supplied volunteer marshals, administration and backup to ensure a smoothly running event. Walton RC did a great job boating all the crews and seeing them safely to and from Cowey Sale whereupon Weybridge RC marshals took over and fed competitors to the start and back down the Cut after racing.

The volunteer Umpires were brilliant and enjoyed the day, not having had a Regatta to umpire for about 18 months.

All sorts of things could have gone wrong; the only thing that did was a communication issue that stopped proceedings for a few minutes. But we came back and racing resumed to everyone’s delight. Even the weather, forecast to be wet, was benign with only one short (but sharp) shower mid afternoon followed by sunshine.

The committee is most appreciative of the kind comments from competitors and coaches following the event. The new format, developed to reduce boating location congestion, seemed to work well and is noted for future events. The committee took great delight in seeing the enthusiastic efforts from all competitors on the water at this, the first regatta on the non-tidal River Thames this year.

We hope that May 2022 will see the return of the Walton and Weybridge Regatta, with all the tents and marquees and catering and presentations that Desborough Dashes were unable to supply, but in the meantime, we hope you remain well and thank you for attending the Desborough Dashes Regatta.

Clive Capel – Captain, Weybridge Rowing Club
Mike Everington – Captain, Walton Rowing Club

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